Decorative Concrete - StarTex Concrete Designs, LLC
We are proud to offer Decopierre spray-on limestone veneer. For centuries, Limestone has been used to coat exterior and interior walls of historical structures, museums, luxurious mansions, buildings, and elegant homes. Artisans applied limestone and handcrafted it on site. This age old art has always been considered the most elegant and beautiful option for buildings and homes. Limestone is unique and ages naturally and beautifully.
Decopierre is a decorative wall coating made from a mixture of crushed limestone and powdered marble which is then coloured by adding natural pigments to obtain the the desired hues of the stone.
The coating is then projected onto the surface and carved by skilled Decopierre craftmen into the desired shape and form, such as Devonian sandstone, Scottish potpourri, and many more.
The product can be applied to most types of walls, both old and new, interior and exterior, after preparing the surfaces accordingly.

The coating is highly resistant to weather conditions, temperature and to the passing of time.
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